H Partners, LLC (HPL) serves primarily as a Business Consultant. Due to the expertise of its associates, HPL is experienced in a variety of different types of businesses and industries. The company provides extensive consulting working in and with a broad range of businesses. HPL, and its associates, has a diversified range of expertise in the Banking, Real Estate, and Lending arena. As a result, they are able to provide through HPL and its affiliate companies, H Partners Real Estate, LLC and H Partners Lending, LLC, that service and know-how to its client base, both domestic and international.

H Partners, LLC has the client’s needs and foremost their best interest. HPL has the most current and accurate information about the real estate industry as well as the lending practices in the various financial institutions in order to be as effective a business consultant as possible.
Business Consulting
HPL with its associates provides a diversified range of expertise in the Banking, Real Estate, and Lending arena to both its domestic and international client base.

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Real Estate
H Partners Real Estate (HPRE) is a fully integrated Real Estate Brokerage firm focused in top client’s representation over Acquisition, Disposition and Distressed Asset Advisory Services in Florida.

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With the expertise and extensive knowledge of its associates, H Partners Lending, LLC is able to analyze prospective credit customers and provide viability summaries of the loan accounting within the respective Bank guidelines.

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